Virtual Private Servers

We have created some low budget Virtual Private Servers available for rent. All of our Virtual Private Servers are using OpenVZ or XEN technologies running on CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu servers. This allows us to install virtually any operating system within your virtual machine.

Our VPS nodes are at least Quad 2.4ghz with 8GB of ECC DDR2 RAM. We house our servers within the UK.

Important announcement

iKhost have joined forces with OpenITC to bring you a wider range of services under our new brand names.

This means customers will receive the same great services with far greater support options due to the merger of services.

For this reason, new customers of iKhost for some of our products can no longer sign up via this website.

The following products are being replaced:

Virtual Private Servers are now sold under our XenVZ brand. Please click here to browse and purchase our VPS packages.

Root Access

You are here because you need ultimate control of your Server. All of our VPS packages provide exactly this. We provide you with your own "Virtual Dedicated Server" with your own root password - It is then up to you what you do with your server, although we do have management options available if you want us to maintain your server for you. We also provide DirectAdmin control panel for ultimate control for your clients.

Our VPS packages are powered by our control panel developed in-house giving YOU full control over your VPS account.

Included VPS Features

  • Free instant reboots from our control panel
  • Instant OS reloads
  • Switch between Linux distributions instantly
  • Console access
  • Reset root password
  • Reverse DNS
  • Easy package upgrades and downgrades
  • Port monitoring
  • Network traffic and CPU usage graphs
  • ..and much more!

Optional Extras

  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • Additional IP addresses (£3.75/mo per 5 IP block)
  • Server Management (£30/mo)
  • Complete server backups (50% VPS cost)
  • Multiple reselling options (please enquire)


£5.00 / mo.Bronze VPS

  • 5GB disk space
  • 256mb Guaranteed ram
  • 250GB data transfer / month
  • 2 IP addresses (more available)
  • Choice of OS
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£10.00 / mo.Silver VPS

  • 10GB disk space
  • 512mb Guaranteed ram
  • 500GB data transfer / month
  • 2 IP addresses (more available)
  • Choice of OS
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£20.00 / mo.Gold VPS

  • 20GB disk space
  • 1024mb Guaranteed ram
  • 1000GB data transfer / month
  • 2 IP addresses (more available)
  • Choice of OS
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£40.00 / mo.Ultimate VPS

  • 40GB disk space
  • 2048mb Guaranteed ram
  • 2000GB data transfer / month
  • 4 IP addresses (more available)
  • Choice of OS
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